Stephanie is an artist and designer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who, with a natural talent and passion for painting, is dedicated to creating artwork that is inspired by our Louisiana culture and wildlife.


As a young girl, Stephanie had always enjoyed drawing and painting. Afraid of becoming a “starving artist” Stephanie decided to focus her undergraduate studies in Graphic Design, and continued to paint as a hobby. It came as a surprise to her to discover that people were interested in purchasing her paintings, some even commissioning her to create customized paintings for them. She was encouraged by many of her friends to paint full time, but she never took the idea seriously, fully convinced that deciding to do so would seal her fate as a “starving artist.” It wasn’t until she had settled into a desk job - designing websites for a local advertising agency – when Stephanie began considering the possibility of a successful painting career. It became increasingly clear to her that the more she thought about the excitement of painting all day, every day, the less fulfillment she felt doing the work she once loved. It did not take long for her to part ways with her agency family, and begin her journey as an independent artist. 

Stephanie now lives every day and night to the fullest by exploring her talents and passions, and creating beautiful paintings. While her portfolio includes a collection of original pieces that reflect her love of animals and nature, it also displays a variety of custom pieces that were created to connect with each individual client. She thrives on networking, meeting new people, and sharing the joy that art has brought to her life with everyone she meets.

“It’s all about the people! I wouldn’t find much joy in doing what I do if it didn’t have a positive impact on people. Take some time and discover your talents, you passions, and find a way to make a living doing what feeds your soul. You'll never regret it.”  – ST