Monday Is The New Saturday

It's currently 1:15am and I still have another hour or so in me before my eyes will get heavy. I'm currently watching podcasts by Gary Vaynerchuk in a small, shrunk down window in the corner of my computer screen, as I go over this month's financial report. This is a hilarious term that this artist never thought she'd say out loud... I just want to share something that is a very concrete reality in my world, and I think the concept can be insightful to others: Mondays are the new Saturday. In my world they are, anyway.

Monday morning is always associated with dread by people who are still trying to hang onto their weekend. Hell, I know a lot of people who even dread Sunday, because it means the end of their free time is near. I know! I was there for most of my life! But everything is different now. Upside down. In my world, Fridays - instead of a wasted work day and a "wasted" night - are the last day of the week to hustle to meet with people or run certain errands before the weekend, because everyone goes home for the weekend. Weekends are greatly anticipated because those two extra days are like sweet gifts from God: two whole, entire, extra days to GET STUFF DONE

On my way to do a weekend live painting in New Orleans.

On my way to do a weekend live painting in New Orleans.

In fact it's interesting, when I work a Saturday wedding (I paint live, on-site at receptions), I tend to count that whole day as a work day, so I technically only get one extra day that weekend. It's pretty funny if you wrap your head around it. And you can bet the farm that this girl wakes up every Monday, ready to jump back on the saddle again. My weekend doesn't spill over to the next 24 hours, just cause I worked Saturday.


The point is, I don't need a weekly intermission from my job. I have (and trust me, I'm still working on it) sculpted a "job" for myself that is 100% in line with what feeds me. My job provides an outlet for my creativity, my need to network and connect with people, a flexible schedule for my family, and above all, my hunger for the hustle. It's because of that hunger that I hustle late into almost every night, and never seem to tire of the work. It's important that people know that I don't "sit around and paint all day." As magical as that sounds, it would drive me bonkers, because I need to be out there, fueling the engine that produces the jobs! 

In reality, as long as I keep the train moving, I can take much needed little breaks when I need to; because we small business owners are only human, like everyone else. But the mental state is constantly on the biz. In the best way. It feeds us. 

I am incredibly grateful to be doing what I love for a living. I'm still in the infancy of my little empire, but with all the time, effort, paint, sweat, tears, sacrifice and more paint, I predict that I'll be successful one day. It'll be fun to see what success looks like in 5, 10 and 20 years.