Stephanie has a unique skill that allows her to capture the magic of the night in a realistic style, taking the time to sculpt the architecture of the venue, and taking note of even the smallest details. As you and your guests dance the night away, the painting comes to life, with another layer of dimension added every hour.

And yes, your original painting will be completed for all to see as your make your grand exit! 

Your guests will remember the delicious food, talk about the beautiful centerpieces, and reminisce on the ceremony; but nothing will last as long as the magical energy of the evening, captured in fine art form. Stephanie brings your vision to life - the vision that you spend months, maybe even years creating. 

Your wedding will pass in the blink of an eye. Preserve your memory on canvas with Torregrossa Fine Art. 


Contact Stephanie today for a complimentary price quote, customized just for you. Please remember to include your wedding date, time and location so Stephanie can make sure she is available to paint live on your big day! The price for a single live painting starts at $1,500, and will vary based on the size of the canvas, the location of the event (travel expenses may be added), and the detail you request. All package options include high quality art materials, and a personal consultation prior to the event to make sure the final painting meets your vision. You will be able to request specific guests, as well as details of your venue, decor, and attire to emphasize in the painting. 

If your big day has passed, recently or years ago, but you would still love a painting of you and your spouse, it is possible to create a painting using reference photos, making the memory of your wedding vivid again! These make excellent anniversary gifts.